No Clean Singing reviews new Deemtee videoclip

If you haven’t listened to Deemtee‘s December 2023 album Strange Aeons & Deliriums, you should. If you need more fulsome encouragement you could read my review which accompanied our full-album premiere here, or you could watch and listen to the new video for “Forbidden Fumes” from that album, even though it’s just one facet of an extremely multi-faceted record.

I’ll borrow from what I wrote before about the song: As “Forbidden Fumes” begins, a guitar dances like a lively sprite, the bass transmits a jazzy pulse with a fretless tones, and NHT continues to deploy his excellent singing voice, adding to the song’s engaging aura.

As that song proceeds, the music spins up into greater extravagance through a glorious guitar solo, and then NHT‘s soaring and somber singing begins to sound more demented, the music more jolting, the drumming more rambunctious, the surrounding music more… deliriously glittering. It becomes a fascinating dream, with a truly head-spinning crescendo.

The video is very cool too, as much of an extravaganza for the eyes as the song is for the ears.

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Deemtee’s Forbidden Fumes videoclip

Just released a brand new video on YouTube for the track ‘Forbidden Fumes,’ featuring stunning AI-generated animation. Dive into the mesmerizing visuals and immerse yourself in the world of Deemtee. Watch now and let the journey begin

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Review by Mutant mods

Great review of BlooM mod with special mention to the OST. Headbanging while playing!

The amount of headbanging I was doing must have caused me more brain cells than I can afford to loose because the further I get into the game the more confusing the levels were.
Mutant Mods

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