Garth Arum, a visionary one-man project, unfolds a musical odyssey that transcends time and consciousness. Conceived a decade ago, in 1997, and meticulously crafted until its completion in 2003, this artistic endeavor stands as a testament to a profound journey within the realms of dreams and self-discovery.

Embarking on a momentous anniversary, the creator of Garth Arum has decided to breathe new life into this magnum opus. With material spanning four albums, each chapter will be revisited, meticulously edited, and re-recorded, unveiling the sonic tapestry in the chronological order that first echoed in the artist’s soul a decade ago.

Garth Arum’s sonic landscape is a fusion of eclectic, symphonic, and multilayered extreme metal, designed not merely for the ears but as a vessel for the soul. The music draws inspiration from the enigmatic realm of dreams, leading listeners on a profound odyssey to the inner-secret-garden within. Here, forgotten echoes resound, and fireflowers, manipulated by demiurges, bloom. These fireflowers, the essence of creation, hold the power to shape destinies. A journey into Garth Arum’s universe is an exploration of the transformative potential of these ethereal blooms.

In this musical odyssey, a standard listener undergoes a dimensional shift, while the most powerful souls among us wield the fireflowers to craft entire universes. Garth Arum, therefore, becomes not merely a band but a portal to the fantastical, a conduit to the extraordinary. It invites you to traverse the landscapes of the mind, unlocking doors to hidden realms and revealing the profound beauty that lies within the corridors of dreams.

Immerse yourself in Garth Arum – where dreams converge with melody, and the symphony of the inner self finds expression in the harmonies of an otherworldly metal experience.



2020 The Fireflowers Tale – CD – Darkwoods


2013 – The Dawn of a New Creation – CD – Satanath productions

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