ASCIIMOV: Forging Sonic Realms for Virtual Worlds

Step into the immersive realm of ASCIIMOV, where musical alchemy converges with the digital frontier. ASCIIMOV is a post-apocalyptic and doom-laden retro-project that transcends boundaries.

The debut full-length album by ASCIIMOV serves as the original soundtrack for the award-winning mod «BlooM,» a remarkable project that ingeniously unifies the iconic universes of two legendary ’90s first-person shooters, «Doom II: Hell on Earth» and «Blood.»

In this musical journey, ASCIIMOV takes the helm, translating the essence of both games into a seamless fusion of extreme and powerful metal, ambient, and synthwave. The result is a soundtrack that not only pays homage to the roots but also creates something entirely new—a hybrid experience that resonates with fans of the original games while pushing the boundaries of sonic exploration.

Beyond the realms of «BlooM,» ASCIIMOV extends its creative reach, crafting evocative soundscapes for various video games. As a versatile musical entity, ASCIIMOV seamlessly blends blackened/doom elements with synth-wave, retro synth, lo-fi, and more, establishing a unique sonic identity that captivates both gamers and music enthusiasts alike.

Embark on a sonic journey with ASCIIMOV and explore the convergence of digital landscapes and musical expression. Join us as we continue to shape the sounds of virtual adventures and redefine the boundaries of gaming and music.


2021 – BlooM – CD – Darkwoods – soundtrack for BlooM videogame



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