Welcome to the sonic cosmos of Deemtee, where psychonautic voyages converge with the enigmatic realms of abstract black metal and post-punk. Imagine a kaleidoscopic journey through the mind’s labyrinth, where haunting melodies and cosmic rhythms intertwine, beckoning the open-minded to transcend the boundaries of conventional music.

Welcome to the captivating realm of As Light Dies, where avant-garde dark metal and eclectic minerals converge in a harmonious symphony. Our musical odyssey transcends conventional boundaries, traversing diverse landscapes from folk to contemporary, seamlessly blending influences from new age to black metal.

Garth Arum‘s sonic landscape is a fusion of eclectic, symphonic, and multilayered extreme metal, designed not merely for the ears but as a vessel for the soul. The music draws inspiration from the enigmatic realm of dreams, leading listeners on a profound odyssey to the inner-secret-garden within. Here, forgotten echoes resound, and fireflowers, manipulated by demiurges, bloom. These fireflowers, the essence of creation, hold the power to shape destinies. A journey into Garth Arum’s universe is an exploration of the transformative potential of these ethereal blooms.

Beyond the realms of «BlooM,» ASCIIMOV extends its creative reach, crafting evocative soundscapes for various video games. As a versatile musical entity, ASCIIMOV seamlessly blends blackened/doom elements with synth-wave, retro synth, lo-fi, and more, establishing a unique sonic identity that captivates both gamers and music enthusiasts alike.

Aegri Somnia, a band specializing in Iberian folk, was founded by Cristina R. Galvan and Nightmarer. Renowned for their ability to transport listeners through an immersive journey into late 19th and early 20th-century Spain, their sole album to date, «Ad Augusta per Angusta» stands as a masterpiece paying homage to the rich musical tradition of the Iberian Peninsula.

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