Folk music based on the Iberian oral tradition with eccentric harmonies and a touch of darkness.

Aegri Somnia, a band specializing in Iberian folk, was founded by Cristina R. Galvan-Lady Carrot and Nightmarer. Renowned for their ability to transport listeners through an immersive journey into late 19th and early 20th-century Spain, their sole album to date, «Ad Augusta per Angusta,» released on January 30, 2017, stands as a masterpiece paying homage to the rich musical tradition of the Iberian Peninsula.

The essence of the album is skillfully woven through a compilation of popular themes that encapsulate life in rural Spain, where the land is irrigated by the blood and sweat of ancestors. The work is a sonic mosaic that explores the lights and shadows of magical Spain, offering a glimpse into the abyss of black and eerie Spain, where human cruelty and brutality manifest unfiltered.

«Ad Augusta per Angusta» is more than a mere album; it is a journey through collective memory, where themes, secrets, and myths passed down through generations find a musical echo. The band manages to capture the essence of folk wisdom that has withstood the test of time, rescuing it from the memories of the elderly before they fade into the night of times.

The duo comprising Aegri Somnia brings a diverse range of musical skills to the work. Cristina R. Galvan-Lady Carrot, with her distinctive voice, masterfully handles a variety of traditional instruments such as the Galician and Castilian tambourine, the square frame drum, the «palo de agua» (water stick), spoons, mortar and pestle, shells, and claps. On the other hand, Nightmarer contributes his male voice, as well as expertise in electric and acoustic guitar, fretless bass, keyboards/synthesizers, programming, violin, accordion, wind chimes, claps, and stomps.

Those wishing to delve deeper into Aegri Somnia’s world can explore their blogspot (, where they will find a rich source of information and details about the band, their inspirations, and their connection to the musical tradition of the Iberian Peninsula. Aegri Somnia has left a unique imprint on the musical landscape, fusing history, magic, and darkness into an auditory experience that lingers in the memory of those who dare to listen.


2017 – Ad augusta per angusta – CD – Satanath Records/Symbol of domination


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