Welcome to my sonic realm, a place where every note and pause is a pivotal part of the intricate puzzle that is my existence. I am Óscar Martín, but in the creative cosmos, I’m also known as Nightmarer or NHT. I am the soul behind the soundboard and the instrument, an audio engineer, and a creator who lives each day enveloped in melodies and code.

Restlessness and creativity have always been the twin compasses guiding my journey. Never content with just keeping the beat, I’ve learned to craft it, embracing my role as a multi-instrumentalist. My hands have danced across guitar strings, set the rhythm on drums, poured emotions into song, woven harmonies on keyboards, and awakened rhythms with percussion.

Composing music for video games is one of my grandest auditory adventures. Each melody is a journey, and each sound tells a story waiting to be expressed through the interactive and immersive worlds these games create.

Beyond the notes, I live amongst sounds and silences, crafting sound libraries that are the soul of many productions. My footsteps resonate in foley, and my voice takes on multiple personas in professional dubbing. It’s an invisible yet essential art, and I take pride in being part of that magical process.

My musical projects reflect the diversity of my interests. From the emotional depths of As Light Dies to the introspective melodies of Autumnal, through the experimental vibes of Garth Arum, Deemtee, ASCIIMOV, and the evocative tones of Aegri Somnia, each represents a different facet of my artistic spirit, a distinct color on my sonic palette.
Creation happens at Kadath Sound, my personal studio and sanctuary where imagination meets technology, producing aural landscapes that transport listeners to other realms.
In the quiet corners of my life, I am an amateur writer, with a penchant for science fiction and horror, and a devotee of cinema at large. The stories I weave in written form echo the complexities and wonders of the worlds I craft in sound.
For those intrigued by the symphony of my career, I invite you to explore my detailed contributions at Metal Archives.
Thank you for tuning into my space on the web. May the music you discover here serve as both sanctuary and muse.

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