Soundtracks and videogames

I program, write music, sound design, ambience, field recording and foley for videogames.

Here you have some samples about what I’m able to do.


Hands of Necromancy 2

WIP by Frechou Games.

Music and sound effects.

Void Wolker

WIP by BlooM Team.

Music and sound effects.

Hands of Necromancy

2022 by Frechou games.

Sound effects and voice dubbing.

  • Finalist in the Game Development World Championship (2023 summer edition)


2021 by BlooM team.

Soundtrack and additional sound effects.

Doom/Blood crossover mod.


WIP by BlooM team.

Soundtrack and sound effects.

This trailer was part of the Realms Deep 2021 Supercut.

Black Rain

WIP by BlooM team.

Programming, soundtrack and sound effects.

This is «Black Rain», our first point and click adventure running on AGS engine. Located on distant and dystopian future where cyberpunks, cyborgs cultist and Lovecraftian Horrors collide.

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