Review by Progressor

Spanish band Deemtee are out with the album "Strange Aeons & Deliriums", and progressive metal is the style explored on this production. It is an extreme variety of the form we get in this case, but one that is explored and executed with a focus on elegance. The disruptive elements are minimized throughout, and even when the band heads into the more pacefilled and intense excursions and makes use of distorted gruff vocals the landscapes projected are rather more appealing in nature than what is usually the case for this variety of the style. But a more defining aspect of this album are quirky, off kilter instrument details and clean vocals, reminding me quite a bit of what Norwegian band Virus used to create back in the day, and with a liberal amount of romantic interludes and intersections that see the band switch over to a light toned, elegant folk music inspired and oriented landscape of the kind that probably falls in under the pastoral description. Self-described as a black metal band, this is an album that merits a check by those intrigued by what an accessible and progressive black metal band may sound like.
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