Garth Arum en El Rincón del Brujo

Garth Arum en el El Rincon del Brujo en el tercer especial de Avant-garde metal con la colaboración de Oscar Martín.

☣️ EL SOTANO – Especial Prog-Post Black/Death – Avant Garden III ☣️

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Con la colaboración de Oscar Martin (As Light Dies)

Dreams of the Drowned – La Sorcière Te Regarde (Dreams of the Drowned I 2021)

Garth Arum – Finally In The Abyss (The Fireflowers Tale 2020)

Agrypnie – Erwachen (Metamorphosis 2011)

Bethlehem Official – Aphel, Die Schwarze Schlange (Dictius Te Necare 1996)

Deathspell Omega – Bread Of Bitterness (Fas – Ite, Maledicti, in Ignem Aeternum 2007)

Schammasch – The Weighty Burden of an Eternal Secret (The Maldoror Chants: Hermaphrodite 2017)

Sylff – Dance With The Burning Sky (Inner Devastation – Outer Serenity 2018)

Thantifaxath – Violently Expanding Nothing (Thantifaxath – Ep 2011)

At the Altar of the Horned God – God Is in the Rain (Heart of Silence 2023)

Ebonillumini – Wax Tribe (The Ebon Channel – Ep 2008)

Lychgate – Hither Comes The Swarm (The Contagion in Nine Steps 2018)

Mord’A’Stigmata – Void Within (Dreams of Quiet Places 2019)

THE PEREGRINE – Amongst The Maelstrom (Rust and Dun 2020)

Bergraven – Kansla Av Livets Nasta Skede (Dödsvisioner 2007)

💿 Labels: Nord

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