As we advanced a few days ago, the “BlooM” OST, also known as the debut full-length album by the post-apocalyptic and doom-laden retro-project Asciimov, is now finished, and we are really honoured to be the chosen label to release it in physical format though The Order of the Yew, the division of DARKWOODS devoted to darkwave, dark synth, ambient and related genres.Firstly, the “BlooM” OST has been released in digital format through the Asciimov bandcamp, while the physical edition on CD will come, in a date yet to be determined, late February 2022. As usual in our releases, we are working very hard together with the band and the indie studio Bloom Team who made the mod, to develop a one hundred per cent special edition with the same chaotic and retro-futuristic atmosphere of the mod and the videogames in which it was inspired.As only 50 hand-numbered copies will be done, preorder will start this Wednesday, December the 22nd, through our webstore… in the meantime, do yourself a favour and check now this amazing soundtrack full of true carnage and bloodshed, you will be immediately transported to the golden age of videogames… welcome to the void!!

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