What is mix? We can say that mixing process is to cook a great meal with all available ingredients. The purpose of mixing is not just getting good sound and definition, but to give it the necessary focus to achieve the greatest possible impact on the listener.

Why sometimes is better to mix with a different studio where you recorded your album tracks?

Many studios are hired due to the price, proximity and familiarity, but nowadays with the tools provided by the Internet is not necessary to do it in the same place, no technician is spezialized in all the musical styles, neither in all production processes. With the elements available we will give the professional sound that your music deserves and we will not rest until you are fully satisfied.

If you are planning to record with another studio and your recording didn’t started yet get in touch us, we will provide you some guidelines in order to ensure that we will have all the requirements to create a mix that will make your music shine.

We are specializedin the following music genres: folk and metal (metalcore, thrash, death, doom, black or folk metal, grind, djent, sludge, industrial, hardcore, post-hardcore, progressive, avantgarde or any other similar music style).