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Bloom trailer

Here the last trailer of Bloom before its release. The music is made by Asciimov, and it was recorded/mixed and mastered in Kadath Sound. BlooM – Final Version TeaserThis teaser was part of the Realms Deep 2021 SupercutJoin Our Patreon! – –…BlooMby Bloom Teamwww.bloomteam666.comDoomguy and Caleb come back!BlooM Demo v1.666 –

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Garth Arum release by Darkness within

GARTH ARUM’s The Fireflowerstale will be released by Darkwoods label

Garth Arum new album named The Fireflowers Tale, which was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered at Kadathsound will be released by Darkness Within, a sublabel of Darkwoods the 24th of August. Preorder will be available since the 22nd of July at:

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Adelanto del nuevo álbum de Aegri Somnia

Adelanto del nuevo álbum de Aegri Somnia País de pandereta para La noche de los Candiles grabado y mezclado en Kadath Sound.

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Der Doppelgänger

Der Doppelgänger sessions

Os dejamos el vídeo de las sesiones de grabación del tributo a Twin Peaks de Der Doppelgänger.

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Garth Arum artwork by Phlegeton Art

Here the artwork created and designed by Phlegeton Vortexfrom Phlegeton Art Studio for next Garth Arum album “The fireflowers tale”.

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La sombra del tejo

La Sombra del tejo – DEMO

LA SOMBRA DEL TEJO I DEMORelased by Dawn of Murk (Darkwoods) December 2019.Recorded in the mountains of Guadarrama. Mastered by Kadath Sound. 1. La Sombra del Tejo I. “Bajo la sombra del tejo”2. La Sombra del Tejo II. “Sustento de pútrida carroña”3. La Sombra del Tejo III. “Aullando a una Luna muerta”

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Aegri Somnia

Aegri Somnia’s Ronda de mayo videoclip

Finally we have the first Aegri Somnia videoclip produced by Kadath Sound.

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Der Doppelgänger Release “Owls are not what they seem”

Der Doppelganger

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dEEmtEE CDs available

Flawed synchronization with reality CDs finally available. You can write to Also you can listen the album here. Flawed synchronization with reality by deemtee

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Deemtee’s flawed synchronization with reality out now

dEEmtEE album Flawed synchronization with reality, produced, mixed and mastered in Kadath Sound is now out. Here you can listen the whole album in Bandcamp. Flawed synchronization with reality by deemtee

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